Summer Stargazing

Monday night, I took my son to a night of stargazing sponsored by our local library. Their summer reading theme is “A Universe of Stories,” using space to generate excitement about reading among kids. I think it’s working—Caleb keeps talking about the “Galaxy Glow Party” they’re going to have, which he’ll get to attend if […]

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Grace in the Digital World

Seeking to understand how God’s grace might enter into online spaces seems critical for Christians as we learn to navigate a world in which substantial portions of our private and public lives involve interactions with digital media and digital communication.

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Interplanetary Ecosystem

It’s the middle of spring, which is gardening season at my house. Not that I’m a gardener, mind you. My hobby is woodworking—apparently I find it easier to create things from dead plants than to keep plants alive. But my wife, Amy, loves to garden. This time of year almost always finds her outside digging, […]

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They Know

“Hear the birds? They know. They know.” My pastor said that one morning during an Easter sunrise service when I was growing up. Actually he said it more than once—probably not every Easter, but enough that it eventually felt to me like a regular part of the sunrise service. We’d start the brief service in […]

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Good Friday

In the Gospel of John, the story of Jesus’ crucifixion is pretty long: two lengthy chapters are devoted to the arrest, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus. But when I read the story, I keep focusing on one particular scene: the one where Pilate has Jesus whipped and the soldiers beat him and mock him with […]

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On Looking Up

You only see shooting stars if you’re looking up. The first time I saw one, I was in high school. My dad and I were going up to the NC mountains one Saturday for a brick-laying job, and we’d gathered with a bunch of others in a parking lot to drive up together. It was […]

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It’s Been a While

Well friends, it’s been a while. Work busy-ness and other life events (I’ll get to that in a moment) have left me with precious little time to write over the last several weeks. Let’s be real: when I have spare time to read OR to write, I’m going to choose to read every time. I […]

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Daring to Dream

I have a hunch that the many of our big dreams get fulfilled after we die anyway. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob didn’t live to see the great nation that their children would become. It didn’t stop Abraham from looking up at the stars and hearing God’s promises. It didn’t stop Jacob from dreaming either.

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The Reading List: Part 2

Last May, I posted a list of books I’ve read with a brief description of each one and a bit of a response to it. This annotated bibliography of sorts was useful for me, to organize my thoughts on the books and help me remember the main ideas or stories and my responses to them. […]

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